INCOA provides all the tools required by Independent Consultants to manage their business
  • Professional Communication Tools
  • Third Parties Consulting Apps
  • Extensive Networking Solutions

Professional Communication Tools

INCOA will provide a full telecoms package to provide, the user, professional look and brand identification


Access to the INCOA workstation including dedicated email (i.e.


Dedicated section in INCOA website, dedicated space for personal videos and a document repository area


INCOA will provide VoIP UK phone number, account registration to key video conference providers

Third Parties Consulting Apps

What about having one single subscription and invoice to access several consulting internet apps and services?

The INCOA User can!!!

Subject to the package of choice, the user will get automatic subscription to software apps mostly used by independent Freelancers.

Tracking – work, time, invoicing
Marketing – CRM, video, animation, photos

INCOA will also have a dedicated section to consulting niche software apps and that might still be of interest

INCOA Networking Solutions

INCOA wants be a lively and active community of independent consultants, advisors and freelancers whom, while benefitting of the services, can also share knowledge, experience and building connection and network.
With this in mind we are going to build three active sections where the above can be achieved
  • A Professional Blog Section
  • An Annual Review
  • The INCOA Virtual Summit
Additional information is available on request
Photo by Marra M on Unsplash


Four different packages will be available:

BASIC – Entry level, free registration and automatic conversion into advisor after 3 months; I/O tools, minimal O&M and Networking Tools

ADVISOR – I/O tools, basic O&M tools and Networking

GURU – I/O tools, Medium level of O&M tools and Networking

ALL STAR – I/O tools, Full Monty O&M tools and Networking

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